What do I get with the Plans for my EcoHouse?

Once purchased, our EcoHouse plans are downloadable in PDF, giving you all the features you would commonly get from blueprints - and then some!

When building a new home, you will need Working Drawings, that provide numerous additional details required to build your eco-home.

You can save time and money by purchasing our home plans, professionally designed and produced in the English language, conforming to BS, AIA, EN, ISO14001 and other internationally recognized building standards.

Best of all, you would only be paying a fraction of the original design cost because the design cost is shared by so many people all over the globe, thus forming an online community of like-minded people and home builders

A list of Working Drawings found in our EcoHouse Plans, usually contains::

1. Site Plan: Shows the proposed site layout of your EcoHouse and the corresponding design elements.

2. Foundation Plan: Shows foundations with all load-bearing points and footings applicable to your eco-home;

3. Floor Plan(s): Show(s) the placement and dimensions of all interior walls in your eco-house floor plans, materials, levels, specifications;

4. Roof Plan: Show roofs with all constructional elements, specifics and dimensions applicable to your eco-home;

5. Section(s): Cross-sectional view(s) of your entire EcoHouse, with materials, marked details, sectional labeling, dimensions, levels, roof pitches, etc.

6. Exterior Elevation(s): Show(s) exterior materials, details, and all necessary measurements from all sides of your eco-home;

7. Vertical Circulation Details: Show additional details and dimensions of elaborate staircases, ramps, elevators, and other vertical circulation means within your eco-home building plans;

8. Joinery, Doors & Windows Details: Show additional details and dimensions of elaborate ecological window and door designs within your eco-home building plans;

9. Eco-Equipment Details: Show additional details and dimensions of active solar equipment (e.g. solar panels, solar collectors, wind turbines, etc.) within your eco-home building plans;

10. Structural Calculations: Show detailed structural calculations for various construction elements within your eco-home building plans.

11. Specifications of Eco-building materials and products: Show detailed specifications for various construction elements and products within your eco-home building plans, as well as their availability sources;

12. Materials List(s): List(s) Specifications, descriptions, dimensions and quantities of materials required to build your eco-home.

Options and Extras for EcoHouse Plans (varying from one design to another):

13. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning), IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and Plumbing schematics;

14. Schematic Electrical Layouts;

15. Roofing Details;

16. Wall Details;

17. Interior Finishing Details;

18. Furniture Details;

19. Water Supply and Drainage Details;

20. Surface Water Drainage Details;

21. Fire Fighting and Protection;

22. Landscaping Details;

23. Miscellaneous Eco-Equipment Schematics and recommended equipment (e.g. solar panels, solar collectors, wind turbines, etc.).

Building Codes:

Our EcoHouse plans conform to industry's major international building standards, such as but not limited to, BS (British Standard), AIA (The American Institute of Architects), EN (European Norms), ISO (The International Organization for Standardization), and others.


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