Let True Professionals Design Your EcoHouse

Some people think they can buy inexpensive house plans and then make changes to the design themselves.

However, if one is not familiar with eco-home design, construction techniques and building codes, then producing an EcoHouse plan is a job that is best left to someone "in the know".

It is fine to put FB Ecotecture's ideas and principles into practice, but when it comes to making your own EcoHouse plan, let a qualified and experienced professional do that for your. It can take years of experience to learn how to design an eco-home.

When you buy an eco-house plan and download the Working Drawings you receive a license. This license lets you legally print the Working Drawings and use them to obtain the local building permits according to local laws and/or as you see fit.

Unfortunately, some people do not realize this. When one builds or modifies a plan without purchasing the design, s/he misses out on the benefits that design would provide.

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