About us

Hi, welcome to EcoHouse-Plans.biz by FB Ecotecture!

We are a unique online platform for providing sustainable, ecological and “green” house plans. Here you can buy and download typical EcoHouse plans for all types of world climates. The home designs featured on this site conform to their corresponding climates, thus reducing energy requirement on house's heating and cooling equipment.

The principles on which our EcoHouse plans are based combine to offer a decentralized and energy-efficient approach to building a house to meet your individual taste.

Without trying to sound elitist - in any sense of the word - we see ourselves as “Ecotects” rather than merely “Architects” and/or "Engineers".

Ecotecture (i.e. "Eco" + "Architecture") sees buildings as part of the larger ecology of the planet and the building as part of a living habitat, while staying true to local values, culture and economic traits. We design passive, active and hybrid buildings that use minimal energy derived from renewable sources as an independent supplement to the main source of building consumables, being mostly fuels and electric power.

We are qualified architects and engineers who firmly believe that buildings should closely respond to and be connected to their site, society, climate, region and the planet as a whole.


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