What is an Ecohouse?

An Ecohouse is a house mostly making use of renewable energy as a supplement to the main source of energy, thus reducing the overall cost of living, reliability on the main source of energy supply for the household and being kinder to the environment.

While designing an ecohouse, we focus on principles of home design that are usually neglected during the design process, such as thermal mass, natural ventilation, cold bridging, locally affordable natural materials, passive solar design, solar power, wind power, cyclone design, recycling - to name but a few.

More generally speaking, ecohouses are based on three principles on which all buildings should originally be based:

1. Design for a climate

2. Design for the environment, and

3. Design for time (be it day or night, a season or the lifetime, a building that will adapt over time).

An ecohouse should also respond to local climate, economy, culture and individual taste of its occupants.

Last but not least, ecohouses largely facilitate a healthy lifestyle!

So, are you ready for your Ecohouse-plans experience?

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